Our Process

To Control Quality



All the incoming materials are checked / tested as per the requirements specified in the Inspection Criteria Sheet

Sampling Inspection

The lot is checked as per the inspection level specified in the Incoming Inspection Plan. The lot is accepted / rejected on the basis of a sampling inspection with the sample size as stated in the Sampling Plan

Inspection Reports

Inspection Reports are prepared for the material based on the Incoming Criteria Sheet and if the results are satisfactory, the material gets passed. Except for immediate use, the raw materials are released /used only after the test results are available

Positive Recall Procedure

In case of immediate use, if the material needs to be used without the test results being available, the material is placed under positive recall procedure. The identification of such material is maintained at various stages of manufacturing

Identification Tag

After testing, the incoming material that conforms to the standards is placed in the inspected material store with its full identification. If it is rejected, it is labeled with a “rejected material” identification tag and not used for production

Test Certificate

Wherever required, we are able to share the test certificate to show the results of our masks